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General Terms and Conditions

Pannon Volán Taxi Ltd 

(Comp.reg.num.02-09-010181; 7623 Pécs, Rákóczi út 24-26. E-mail address:

(Hereinafter: Service Provider.), as a company holding the rights to provide and organise taxi passenger transportation, provides service for its registered customers (hereinafter: Customer) under present General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GTC).

Validity of the conditions

Our services and offers are applicable only under present General Terms and Conditions. 

Conclusion of a contract

Our company fulfils Customers’ orders immediately or at a previously defined/fixed time requested via email, application, telephone, fax or via online taxi orders on the website, provides for the Customer’s order a vehicle in an impeccable technical condition and a driver with appropriate appearance, fulfilling the requested passenger transportation. Service Provider undertakes to provide, in any event, a vehicle appropriate for the Customer’s needs and in case of special request to provide a driver, who speaks English or other foreign languages, or an estate car or a minivan for 4-6 passengers.

Conclusion of the contract: the contract is concluded if the Customer orders transport by means of the previously mentioned options and our Company verifies the order through the aforementioned communication channels.

Order cancellation 

The Customer may cancel the order immediately without charges in the aforementioned modes before the beggining of the travel. In case of a pre-oder in Pécs, the customer shall not pay compensation for cancelling the service before the time of pre-oder. In case of a rural pre-oder the customer may cancel the service 1 hour before using the taxi transportation service without additional costs. If the taxi transportation service cannot be performed from the fault of the Customer and waiting exceeds the time of pre-order the Customer shall pay the amount calculated by the taximeter for the taxi driver. In reflection of the aforementioned circumstances, in case of immediate order within the undertaken period (5-10 minutes), or in case of pre-order, before arriving to the pick-up address, the Service Provider may cancel the taxi transportation service without being obliged to compensate the Customer, but shall notify or make an effort to notify the Customer.

In case of withdrawal from the transportation service made by our company , this procedure shall be registered in a retraceable way so that the Customer can be notified via the given telephone numer, or the electronic address of which the order was made. The Customer may withdraw from the contract with a unilateral declaration by sending it to our company’s official address.

Dispatcher Service

Dispatcher service is available 24/7 for our customers. 

Data Processing and Recording is included in our company’s Internal Regulation, see Privacy Policy.


Fares are calculated on the basis of the internal regulations of Pannon Volán Taxi Ltd.

Starting the Taximeter

In case of an immediate order, followingly the arrival to the given address and making contact with the customer, taximeter can be started 10 minutes after registering the address.

In case of a pre-order the taximeter shall be started at the time of order, except if the travel starts earlier; in this case, teximeter can be started at the beginning of the travel.

Rural transportation

In case of rural transportation services we apply the actual fare relating to rural transportation services for the duration of the whole travel. If the destination is Pécs, we pick-up our customer without starting the taximeter. If the destination is a rural location and the Customer remains in that location, the taxi driver goes to the address with a taximeter started after leaving the sign ‘Pécs’. In these cases, if taxi transportation service is failed or cancelled by the Customer, the Customer shall pay the fare calculated by the taximeter.

Lost properties

If the driver finds the passanger’s properties after the passenger leaves the car, the taxi driver shall inform the dispatcher centre immediately. The taxi driver is responsible for the passengers’ properties left in the luggage compartment and cannot charge additional costs for returning those to its owner.  

The Passanger is reliable for its personal properties and luggages left in the luggage compartment, and shall pay the amount calculated by the taximeter for returning it. Before returning the lost property , the Service Provider shall inform the Customer about additional costs, that may be charged only if the searched or found property was left in the passanger compartment. The Service Provider shall return the Customers’ more valuable properties in presence of witnesses and shall register the personal data (name, address) of the witnesses. If there is no demand for the lost property on the day of loss, the taxi driver shall keep the property for 1 week and then hand it in to any police station. 

Luggage transportation

-The Customer shall bring baggages which can be handled easily by the taxi driver and can be placed in the lugagge compartment or, with the driver’s consent, on the free seats.

- The taxi driver may refuse the transportation of luggages that may soil the vehicle, other passengers’ clothes or luggages, and may put the transport at risk.

Refusal of Transportation Service

The taxi driver may refuse the transportation service, if the passenger:

- does not know or want to tell the destination

- suffers from an infectious disease or from one that provokes disgust

- is severly injured (providing assistance and notifying the ambulance is mandatory!)

- is an incapacitated person without guardianship, or a minor child under the age of 6

- is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs in a way that it could put the transportation service, the taxi driver’s, or his property’s safety at risk

- behaves in a rowdy or violent manner

- carries flammable, and explosive substances

- wishes to use a service wich is not included in the transportation service, and the driver of the vehicle is not qualified for that purpose

- generates scandal and consternation with its behaviour and clothing

- wants to alter from the payment of the calculated fare and does not want or cannot pay the fare

- Wishes to transport live animals and the vehicle does not have necessary conditions for such service or the taxi driver is afraid of, allergic to or disgusted of the animal to be transported. In this case the taxi driver shall order a vehicle that has the conditions of transporting live animals.

- does not want to pay in advance for longer transport, or transportation abroad

- - may refuse to drive on dirt roads and rocky roads that may damage the vehicle

- shall not follow the passenger’s instructions, if those are against highway codes and are considered as a threat to personal safety and may damage the vehicle.                                

Damaging and/or soiling the vehicle by the passenger

Damaging the vehicle, soiling the passanger compartment with vomit, body fluids, or in case of other damages the passanger shall pay compensation to the taxi driver. If the passanger soils the vehicle, the taxi driver may charge the passenger with a maximum of 35 000 Ft for covering the cleaning costs.

If the taxi driver and the passenger cannot come to an agreement in relation with damages, the taxi driver shall inform the dispatcher immediately and if necesarry may ask for the help of police. If the passenger claims evidence of the actual costs related to the damages, the taxi driver shall present the invoice to the passenger about the cleaning or repair of the vehicle.  

Complaint handling

Passangers may submit complaints by using the form available on the website of Pannon Volán Taxi Ltd. under section “Remarks and Complaints” or may contact the Service Provider via telephone. Passenger complaints are examined by the Ethics Committee once a week. Our Company will inform the notifier about the outcome of the examination.

The Customer shall present the complaint regarding the fare by invoice or by printing out the receipt from the taximeter.
Under Government Regulation 176/2015 Volán Taxi Ltd. shall store transportation data for 3 month.

Force majeure

  Unforeseeable, forcing circumstances or unavoidable obstructions independent from the Company, which may prevent the performance of the contract during the fulfilment and organisation of passenger transportation, thus compensation cannot be claimed for the unfulfilment of the service (such as weather conditions, obstruction resulting from storm damages, traffic jams). In the event of force majeure, both our Company and the Customer are released from communication obligations, if such circumstances limit or obscure the usage of the available communication channels.


Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code Title XXVI. Under Section 6:518 all torts are prohibited by law. Under Section 6:519 any person who causes damage to another person wrongfully shall be liable for such damage. The person causing damage may be exempted from liability if he/she can prove that his/her behaviour cannot be attributable; Under Section 6:531 if the extent of damage cannot be precisely calculated, the person responsible for causing the damage shall be compelled to pay a general indemnification that would be sufficient to compensate the aggrieved party. According to 176/2015 government regulation our vehicles are covered by insurance.

Under our Internal Regulation and legislative changes Volán Taxi Ltd. is entitled to unilaterally modify the General Terms and Conditions at any time.

Pécs, 2016.03.08.